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At the opposite end of the industry spectrum, we are much more than the sum of our individual talents. We are committed to integrating and developing the talents of every member of our team, recognizing that their collective contribution far exceeds their individual skills.

This approach allows us to create an exceptional synergy, where we all bring our unique skills to offer our customers complete solutions.

We are a team genuinely committed to our customers. Beyond words, this determination is embodied in a philosophy and values shared by all.

Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that we maintain core values such as trust, honesty and excellence, while continually building our human and intellectual capital. In addition, we leverage our extensive networks for the benefit of our customers, reinforcing our commitment to their success.


Alain Moscatello has built his career in the financial sector, distinguishing himself through his expertise in wealth management and banking services. In 2002, after obtaining his Master's degree in Business Management and Finance from HEC Geneva, he joined the "Trainee for Graduate" training program in the International High Net Worth Department at UBS. Over the years, he has risen through the ranks, occupying increasingly strategic positions within the company.

From 2006 to 2008, Alain Moscatello held the position of Managing Director at UBS Monaco, providing high-level advice to a large clientele in the Principality. Then, from 2008 to 2012, he was a Director and "key talent" at UBS Geneva, advising high-net-worth international clients.

In 2012, Alain joined Socofigest, a Geneva-based company founded by his father in 1995 and specializing in wealth management and multi-family office services. Since then, he has assumed the role of Managing Director, demonstrating his ability to successfully lead and develop the company. With a solid educational background and varied experience in international financial centers such as Zurich, London and Geneva, Alain Moscatello has forged a reputation for excellence and leadership in the financial industry.

Since 2018, Alain Moscatello has been the sole shareholder and assumes the role of Chairman of the Board, bringing his expertise and strategic vision to the company. He also holds several management mandates in the international industrial group UMSI.

Married to Sonia, whom he met at the age of 18, and father of 2, Alain Moscatello lives in Geneva, the city where he was born. A soccer fan since his youth, Alain has reconciled his passion for the game with his management skills, taking on the role of Vice-President at Servette FC in Geneva since 2023.

Born in Spain and living in Geneva since the age of five, Daniel has always been driven by a thirst for knowledge of the world and its history. His academic career culminated in a Master's degree in International Relations, with a specialization in the contemporary history of China and Japan, giving him an in-depth understanding of the political and economic dynamics of East Asia and beyond.

During his early professional years, Daniel also obtained his CFA, enriching his skills and knowledge in the financial field. He forged his financial career at renowned institutions such as JP Morgan, Reuters, UBS and Crédit Suisse, holding strategic positions for over two decades and providing wealth management for European families and family offices. In February 2023, he takes over the reins of SERENIS.

Daniel adopts a collaborative approach to leadership, fostering a stimulating and open working environment, while always striving for excellence. These values will drive the evolution of SERENIS, aiming to become a pillar of support and advice for the most demanding families.

Apart from his professional commitments, Daniel finds precious balance in his personal life. Married since 2014, his household has been enriched by the adoption of a dog, bringing a new dimension to their daily lives. Based in Geneva, he draws his energy from the wonders of Swiss nature and has also been co-owner of two CrossFit gyms since 2011, demonstrating his commitment to physical and mental well-being.

Jean-Luc has been a key member of the SERENIS team for a decade, holding the strategic position of CFO and assuming operational responsibility for the company. His essential role is to guarantee the efficiency and transparency of financial operations, both for our customers and for our company.

In addition to his CFO duties, Jean-Luc also oversees human resources at SERENIS, ensuring the development and well-being of the team. His commitment as Head of Compliance has been crucial in keeping the company LSFIN/LEFIN compliant, in line with Finma (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) regulations.

In his role as CFO, Jean-Luc is also dedicated to the Family Office dimension, establishing privileged relationships with various service providers. This approach enables him to offer tailor-made advice to SERENIS customers, responding to each individual's financial and wealth management needs in a personalized and efficient manner.

Jean-Luc is a native of Geneva, where he also pursued all his studies, graduating from the University of Geneva in 1998, followed by a Master's degree in Political Science in 2005. He began his professional career in 2006 at UBS in Geneva, holding various management positions in wealth management and compliance within the departments dedicated to international high-net-worth clients. During his time at UBS, he also obtained the Wealth Management Diploma, testifying to his in-depth skills in wealth management.

Married with three children, Jean-Luc likes to harmonize his professional commitments with his family life. Outside work, he enjoys relaxing by reading, exploring new horizons through travel, and exercising in a variety of sporting activities. His passions contribute to his personal and professional balance, enabling him to approach every aspect of his life with energy and serenity.

With almost 20 years' experience in wealth management, Jérôme's solid academic background is the foundation of his expertise. A graduate of HEC Lausanne and having benefited from an enriching experience at HEC Montréal, he has a perfect grasp of the nuts and bolts of financial management.

Continuing to deepen his knowledge through the RoBe Executive programs at the University of Rochester and the University of Berne, he consolidates his know-how with an MSc in Wealth Management and an MAS in Finance, testament to his commitment to academic excellence. His Certified Wealth Management Advisor (CWMA) designation attests to his cutting-edge expertise in the field. By combining theory and practice, Jérôme offers innovative and effective financial solutions.

Fluent in French, English, Spanish and German, he forges genuine links with a global clientele, offering personalized, multicultural service. With nearly 15 years' experience at UBS, Jérôme has built his reputation with prestigious financial institutions. His rewarding stint in Singapore at UBS gave him solid international expertise, while his commitment to SERENIS Family Capital since 2020 demonstrates his dedication to service excellence and continuity.

Outside his professional activities, Jérôme has a passion for sport, having been a professional soccer player, where he developed an undeniable team spirit. He also enjoys tennis, running and skiing, channelling his determination and competitive spirit into every aspect of his life. His curiosity for food and wine leads him to discover new flavors around the world, a passion that is reflected in his innovative approach to wealth management. Finally, his worldwide travels have enriched his perspective and strengthened his desire for excellence.

Always positive, reliable, precise and conscientious, Jérôme embodies ambition and integrity in everything he does. For him, honesty and trust are the pillars of every relationship, offering his customers a partnership based on transparency and reliability.

Fabio, with over ten years' experience in the financial sector, brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

His career began at UBS at the age of 18, where he discovered his passion for finance. After four years in the field, he decided to continue his studies at HEC Lausanne, earning a Bachelor's degree in Management in 2016 and a Master's degree in Finance in 2018. He also successfully completed the CFA Institute program in 2019, demonstrating his determination and ability to take on challenges.

Thanks to his command of several languages, including French, English, Portuguese and Spanish, and his great flexibility, Fabio can easily communicate with and cover a diverse and demanding clientele. He also devotes time to mentoring young finance professionals, offering practical advice as part of a mentoring program between HEC Lausanne and the CFA Institute.

Fabio oversees our investment strategy and orchestrates the realization and implementation of decisions made by our Investment Committee. Outside work, Fabio enjoys sport and reading, which he considers to be sources of knowledge and inspiration. His creative spirit is also evident in his ability to improve productivity through programming. He is disciplined and always looking to learn, which makes him a model of perseverance and excellence within our team.

Married and attached to his family, Fabio attaches great importance to the balance between his professional and personal life. He values harmony and sharing, values he considers essential in all aspects of his life.

Isabelle joined our team in December 2017, bringing with her a breath of fresh air and efficiency. Her remarkable ability to juggle several tasks at once and her innate sense of organization make her a central pillar of our day-to-day professional life.

Not only does she brilliantly coordinate our administrative activities, she also enriches our working environment with a lively, harmonious dynamic.

Born into a family of hotel-restaurateurs in Geneva, Isabelle forged her first professional skills within the family business. For more than 15 years, she cultivated excellent know-how in team management, planning and customer service. These years enabled her to develop values such as mutual aid, commitment and loyalty, principles she has successfully transposed in sectors as diverse as J.P Morgan private banking and a Notary's office.

Driven by a constant desire to learn and excel, Isabelle embarked on a bold professional reconversion. She attended evening courses while maintaining a high level of performance at work, culminating in the award of a Certificate of Competence in Swiss Law in 2023, with first class honors. This diploma is proof of her determination to keep pushing the boundaries.

Promoted to Deputy Compliance Officer, where she can put her new skills to good use, she perfects her work with rigor and ethics.

Playful and curious, Isabelle finds her equilibrium in a variety of creative activities, notably porcelain painting, a passion that has colored her life for over 20 years.

Guillaume has been assisting the team in managing client accounts and contributing to the development of investment strategies with the portfolio managers since November 2023.

He is also pursuing a CFA certification program to hone his skills.

His career path is equally diverse, and he has always demonstrated his ability to adapt and learn. Outside work, Guillaume is a member of the Junior Chamber International and secretary of the committee of the SIDH association, dedicated to life action role playing games.

Passionate about rock music, he also likes to escape to the mountains through hiking and skiing. His career path reflects his commitment to lifelong learning and his ability to reconcile various spheres of interest, while maintaining a solid professional commitment.


Jorge, a Swiss national and resident, brings extensive experience in international banking and wealth management. With a double degree in law and business management from Icade in Madrid, Jorge has spent 25 years helping ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families and family businesses. His career includes significant roles at three major financial institutions. At JPMorgan, he served as COO for Private Banking in Madrid, Paris and Milan and previously worked in the internal advisory group in London, finishing as Market Head of European Core Private Banking in Geneva. He has also held senior positions at UBS and Credit Suisse, leading wealth management teams in Geneva and Zurich, focusing on the UHNWI segment.

In addition to his banking career, Jorge is an entrepreneur, co-founder and manager of Esles Real Estate, specializing in real estate investment opportunities, as well as co-founder of madFAbER, a Madrid-based art manufacturer that collaborates with renowned international artists, institutions, private collectors and major corporations to produce bespoke art pieces.


Born in Chile and raised in France, Ricardo brings a rich cultural background and international expertise to the SERENIS Investment Committee since September 2023. He holds the prestigious CAI and CAIA certifications, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to professional excellence and personal development.

Ricardo has gained remarkable experience at UBS, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse, where he assumed responsibility for the Latin American advisory business. This experience enabled him to acquire a solid understanding of the nuances of international financial markets, and to better serve his clients' interests in his current role.

Currently Chief Investment Officer for the Family Office of a major Uruguay-based family, Ricardo plays a key role in the development and formalization of the family's investment policy. His main focus is on analyzing opportunities in alternative assets such as real estate, infrastructure, private equity and hedge funds.

Happy to have made the transition to the customer side after many years as a manager, Ricardo is now enjoying life in Geneva alongside his wife and their three children.

We are pleased to announce that Socofigest has become SERENIS.
This new identity marks an important step in our evolution and our commitment to you.